Afternoon everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I finally fixed up my website layout and I am slowly cleaning up things. The website home page will be showcasing my latest work; changing from time to time. I am still in the process of adding pages such as environmental, wedding, maternity, studio work, etc; to the convention folder.

If you are wondering where the image above is from, it is from my new series "Victorian". The album shows many sides of model Elli Granger. This is a very natural photoshoot and was a lot of fun to do. With hairstylist Anna Pickles.  Hope you guys enjoy these images as much as we did to create them!

If you haven't already, check out my new page: www.willowlamoureux.com/victorian


Self-Portrait. Image taken by photographer Yen Chiang.

Self-Portrait. Image taken by photographer Yen Chiang.

2016 - Portfolio "Spirituality"

Graduating from Algonquin College's Photography program. Yes. GRADUATING! I am officially finished schooling for the career I am going to pursue. Today I will be showcasing my photography work at Algonquin College, ACCE Building, from 3pm - 8pm.

For those who are missing the physical exhibition, check out the digital exhibition on my website. 

 So don't forget to check out my 2016 Portfolio on "Spirituality"! I am leaving the description on the images open for people to try and figure out the meanings of the images. Tomorrow, I will be posting the story behind each image!

#Tumblr Anyone? Inspiration

Does anyone still use Tumblr.com? I decided to create one to share video, images, and repost inspiration of work.

Tumblr is a beautiful way of looking at others artworks and ideas. In need of inspiration? Look no further than Pinterest and surprisingly Tumblr! Tumblr has a lot of unconventional work and unique creations. 

I will be posting work that is developmental, creative, admirable, and pleasant! Highly recommended to follow if you enjoy art and filling your day with beautiful things! 
If you follow now, you might be one of the lucky one to get a follow back!

Link: willowthephotographer.tumblr.com

#UPDATES ! Working on Projects...

Photography Assistants Laura Keogan, Samantha St Jean and Helper Anna Pickles

A lots going on lately! Working on my website, improvements, soon new series, more images, and a GREAT SURPRISE SOON! Its so exciting to be almost finishing my photography program as well. It's hard to keep track of everything going on these days.

One shoot I will tell you guys about is an "open" image for my portfolio. Let's just say we will be working with fumes, smoke, and sage. If you haven't seen it already on my social media, I have been and will be working more with Artist Mar Crimson. Yay! Going out to outdoor locations bright and early to shoot outstanding images. We already completed a preliminary shoot and will be heading out once more to produce the final photographs!

Also want to give thanks to all those supporting and giving positive vibes!
Major contributors such as Anna Pickles, and photographers Laura Keogan and Samantha St Jean!

Happy International Women's Day 2016 !

Model: Keara Shaver

Tuesday, March 8

International Women's Day 2016

What is 2016 International woman's day?

 (International Working Women's Day) is a celebration in which the focus from general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women for women's economic, political, and social achievements.

I decided to include my share into International Woman's day! Helping promote and acknowledge it's importance. Like what Justin Trudeau said "Because It's 2016". We need to change and progress as a whole! Equals! Acceptance! Progression! Assisting! Helping! And most importantly, solving crucial problems.

What do you believe in?

#PledgeForParity Internationalwomensday.com

Love Faerie Magazine!

I LOVE FAERIE MAGAZINE, honestly! They always find amazing photographers and have lovely portraiture! Faerie Magazine’s transformation to what it is now. Their branding now, is more professional and clean (compared to their former style. 

Algonquin College photography program challenged us to discover magazines and find our favourite to create an adaptation of. I chose one to fit my portfolio “Spirituality”. We had to recreate the logo/branding and include our own text bars.

The finished result was amazing! 

Photographer: Willow Lamoureux
Makeup Artist: Willow Lamoureux
Assistant: Samantha St Jean
Model: Jaymi Ferguson

Keeping Up: Social Media

Keeping up on all things social media can be quite cumbersome. Having an official Twitter account and Instagram, and Facebook page; connecting them all can be quite the hassle! Linking, posting, creating, sharing; seemingly seamless if done correctively.

After a while, it got interesting and became healthy routine. Connecting with people on a more personal scale to hear your thoughts, opinion, ideas, and critiques! Can't wait to meet more of you guys and grow as a photographer!

If you are reading this blog, tweet me a hello and what your favourite image is at @WillowThePhotog

Workshop Success!

In my photography program we have many workshops, however the most recent one was for learning commercial photography. My group was given the challenge of shooting a watch. Sounds simple enough? However to create this one image; it is actually made up of a bunch of images composited together using masking and such. 

After photographing the images together, I head back to my computer to composite the best selects and edit the image to create what it is now. I absolutely love the result and can't wait for the next challenge that awaits.

Welcome to my Blog!

Image taken by photographer Tyler Tang.

Image taken by photographer Tyler Tang.

Welcome to my Blog!

Winter is almost gone and what a perfect time to start blogging my exsperience as a developing photographer!As I am almost done my last year in Algonquin College's Photography Program, I have been exposed to all sorts of styles of photography. 

I've gotten to work learn about a million ways of lighting for portrait, suffered through the hardships of lighting food, and exceeded in glassware light-field and dark-field. 

Don't freak out! If you don't know what I am talking about, you will in time as we get to know one another!